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Justin & Adam are so likeable.

I think Justin and Adam are outstanding individuals. This is the best I ever had to pay for a product. I have blown almost $15,000 trying to find something I can do at home. None were a success and none told the truth. Justin and Adam are so like-able and honest with us.


This is it.

I am very excited because I have wanted to create an online business for a while and this is going to help me do that. I want to control my work life. For years, I have been stuck in a cubicle looking for a way out. This is it. I’ll be able to live the life that I have always dreamed of, which doesn’t include a cubicle. Thanks so much for putting this together.


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Every dollar donated online goes directly to Pencil Of Promises's programs to educate more children.

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All of Pencil Of Promises's Country Directors are from the country they lead.

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Every school Pencil Of Promise opened to date is fully operational and educating students daily.

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